Welcome to DSBCD!

We are so excited to be officially opening the doors of our new dance studio August 1st, 2013!!!

We are having so much fun planning and creating our vision for the 2013/2014 season, and being that I am my Mother’s daughter, rest assure that careful attention is being paid to every detail. We are both so excited to be a part of this exciting venture and are so grateful for this amazing opportunity.

My Mother Rosemary’s 30 plus years of ballet teaching experience x my professional modern dance experience x a staff of creative and passionate dance professionals = The Durham School of ballet and contemporary dance!!!

Our vision is all about empowerment. We believe that cultivating a passion for the arts in young people not only develops healthy self-esteem and discipline, it also allows students the freedom to express themselves as individuals. A big part of my belief system is based on the principle of giving back. I think that as professional artists we have a responsibility to share our knowledge and skill with the younger generations. To be blessed to have had  opportunities to travel and learn from amazing teachers and choreographers, I feel a sense of pride to be able to come back home and contribute to the artistic evolution right here in my community.

Looking forward to an amazing year ahead!

Lot’s of love n light,


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