Terpsichore 2015


Our last comp of the season was this past weekend at Terpsichore in St Catherines, it was a great end to an AMAZING season!!! We couldn’t be prouder of our dancer’s and their accomplishments. Here are the results from Terpsichore:

Highest mark of the competition “Auto-correct humanity ”
1st Overall Production “Auto-correct humanity ”
1st Overall Inter duet “fire and water”
2nd Overall Inter duet “Face in abstract”
3rd Overall Inter duet “Les enfants perdue”
2nd Overall Inter group “Allegory of the cave”
3rd Overall Inter group “Vikings”
1st Overall Inter Solo “Ne me quitte pas”
2nd Overall Inter Solo “Choosing to choose”
5th Overall Inter Solo “Raven”
7th Overall Inter solo “Bitter Earth”
1st Overall Jr Solo “Vasos Sarabande”
4th Overall Jr Solo “Daughters lament”
5th Overall Jr Solo “Beyond the veil”
6th Overall Jr Solo “Something under her skin”
9th Overall Jr Solo “In my own little corner”
1st Overall Novice group “Muses”
1st Overall Novice Solo “Albatross”
1st Overall Novice duet “Thru Heaven’s eyes”
2nd Overall Novice duet “Good and evil”
2 Choreography Awards

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