DSBCD Social experiment: Auto-correct humanity

Students from The Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (8yrs-16yrs) participated in an experiment where there refrained from using social media and electronic devices replacing it with real-time communication and/or in person activities.
The real life experience of seeing how they felt with vs without the pressure/attachment of social media in areas of self-esteem, focus, time management and creativity – fuelled their role performing the dance “Auto-correct humanity” choreographed by Madeleine Twyman set to the lyrics of Prince Ea.
This 8 minute video chronicles the 6 month long experiment and rehearsal process culminating in the finality of the piece.

Through experiential reflection we can create art that imitates life and shed light on our current cultural trends.

DSBCD takes pride and responsibility in highlighting the inseparable marriage of science and artistic expression, both speaking the same content in different form.
Fuelled by a deep love for the luxury of living in the most technological advanced era in history, this piece explores the unknown effect associated with the ethics and balance of technology, with emphasis on our youth.

The film will be presented at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery on September, 72 Queen St, Oshawa, ON from 7pm – 10pm, students from The DSBCD Youth Company will be performing and speaking about the project – Join us! All ages welcome!

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