Congratulations Dancers are an incredible season! Bravo to you all!!!

Embrace Dance Competition Hamilton Results:

Highest Mark of the competition: Falling Short
1st Overall Sr group: Falling short
Overall Choreography award: Parable of the talents
1st Overall Production: Parable of the talents
1st Overall Sr soloist: Video girl
3rd Overall Sr soloist: Enchanted
1st Overall Sr duet: Wiseman
2nd Overall Sr duet: River
3rd Overall Sr duet: Priestess
1st Overall Jr Soloist: Hosanna
1st Overall Jr duet: Get Free
1st Overall Inter soloist: Burd Gurhl
2nd Overall Inter soloist: Change gonna come
1st Overall Inter duet: Face in the abstract
2nd Overall Inter duet: Fly
3rd Overall Inter duet: Checkmate
2nd Overall Inter group: See-line
3rd Overall Inter group: Four Walls
1st Overall Novice group: The Diner
1st Overall Novice duet: Boy meets girl
Embrace your artist award: Renee Smith
Overall technique award: Katie Davis
Most promising Jr: Kya Johnson
Most promising Inter: Mary Modica
1st place Improv Inter: Ceana Francis
2nd place Improv Inter: William Hrvnick
!st place Improv Sr: Renee Smith
2nd place Improv Sr: Kree Howell

Choreography challenge winner: Madeleine Twyman

Ballet Division:
!st Overall Inter solo: Entrance of Myrtha
2nd Overall Inter solo: Kitri Variation
3rd Overall Inter solo: Doll dance
4th Overall Iner solo: Bluebird Variation
5th Overall Inter solo: Gypsy
1st Overall inter duet: Snow pas de deux
1st Overall Inter group: Entrance of the Willis
2nd Overall Inter group: Symphony
1st Overall Sr solo: La Bayadere
2nd Overall Sr solo: Pas de chale
3rd Overall Sr solo: Dawn
4th Overall Sr solo: Firebird
Embrace your artistry award: Katie Davis
Overall technique award: Renee Smith
Highest Overall ballet score: Renee Smith

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