DSBCD Comp Season 2017 recap

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What an amazing competitive season DSBCD has had this year! It truly has proved to be the most eventful season to date. We really decided to take a big leap for our fourth season and planned a tour of some of the most elite competitions in Ontario. The talent we witnessed at these events was incredible and truly made for an exciting time.

We stepped outside of the box with the body of work we presented, using themes and concepts that told serious and purposeful stories. We knew we were taking a risk, but it is exactly this reason that sets us apart. Some of the most rewarding feedback was from other studio directors and parents from other studios. We received standing ovations, people we didn’t know telling us they had never seen anything like this, multiple Facebook messages from outside parents asking us where we would be performing next so they could watch it again with friends, and the highest awards and accolades form the judges. Our dancers definitely made their mark and we couldn’t have been prouder! Competition is more than just about winning to us, it is an opportunity to share a message and tell stories that impact change on our audience and ourselves.

We would like to thank all of the students and staff for your commitment and hard work. We want to commend you on rising to every challenge thrown your way and experiencing the reward of pushing boundaries and reaching your goals. This season is one for the books, and I can not wait for 2018!

To our Novice and Junior company: You excelled out there! You gave it your all and reaped the rewards! Your future is so bright and you brought a special joy to the entire team. You all grew leaps and bounds every time you took the stage. Thank you to the Universe for bringing us such a special group filled with the most incredible talent and energy. Congratulations on a spectacular season and learning how to be part of a team at such a young age. It is so exciting beginning this journey with each and everyone of you, we are so proud of you all!

To our Inter Foundation and Intermediate company: You amazed us with your maturity and depth this season. You are doing things at your age that have never been done before in our studios. You are breaking down walls and setting new standards. Continue to SHINE and reach beyond the stars. You are so determined and approach your challenges with an undeniable hunger that inspires us as teachers. You are growing at an accelerated rate because of your mature worth ethic and understanding of the process. We are thrilled at your accomplishments and look forward to future creative explosions of choreographic mastery we can embark upon together.

To our Senior company: We have watched you blossom into magical beings that we always saw inside you, but to witness the manifestation is beyond words. You have made us all proud with your accomplishments and magnificent growth this year. You tried so many new things and made it all look so effortless. We treated you like young professionals, never lowering our standards or allowing you to settle for less than your best, and you accepted the challenge and grew in ways that are only possible when all the stars align. It is such a joy to see you reaching for your highest Selves and developing as young artists. You deserved every accolade and achievement, congratulations on an epic season dancers!


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