Summer Classes

S u n d a y M o od

For the month of July we are offering a full schedule of classes for all ages/levels via Zoom. Whether you are a beginner new to dance or a seasoned student, we have classes in ballet, Acro, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz and deep stretch! If you are looking for a way to keep your son or daughter active, engaged and creative this summer this is definitely the community you want to join. Our DSBCD faculty goes above and beyond to bring a dance class to your living room designed for the Zoom experience. Let’s keep moving, together! Check out the schedule + special July fees below and feel free to email us at so we can assist you in finding the perfect class.


Mrs. Twyman

3:00 Sr/Inter Ballet, 4:30 Jr A & B Ballet

5:30 Sr Contemporary, 7:00 Stretch

Miss Jamee

4:30 Mini Ballet
5:30 Pre- Primary Ballet
6:30 Intro to Dance for 7-9 yr olds

Miss Adriana Solange
4:30 Beginner Acro
5:30 Level 2 Acro


Mrs. Twyman

3:00 Sr/Inter Ballet, 4:30 Jr A Ballet

Miss Adriana Solange
4:30 MIni Jazz
5:30 Mini Acro ( Lev 1) 6:30 Jr A & B Acro 7:30 Sr /Inter Acro

Miss Jamee

5:30 Jr A & B Contemporary 6:30 Sr/ Inter Contemporary


Mrs. Twyman

3:00 Sr/Inter Ballet
4:30 Jr A& B Ballet

5:30 Jr A& B Contemporary/Jazz 6:30 Sr/Inter Contemporary/Jazz


Miss Jenn

3:30 Inter Hip Hop 4:30 Beginner Hip Hop 5:30 Sr Hip Hop


Recreational Classes:
1 Class $50 + hst (4 classes per month)
2 Classes $95 + hst (8 classes per month)

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