8 week Intro to Contemporary Dance for Teens!

Are you between the ages of (Pre-Teen)10-12 or (Teens) 13-16 and never danced before?We have the class for you at DSBCD in Whitby…….….!

By using creative expression and creating connections that enhance movement to music, we have a programme that will give you the tools and elements to do just that.Technical training is learned through elements such as, dynamics, quality of movement, body isolations, spatial awareness and improv – the body’s natural rhythm to move and discover dance.

Combinations that incorporate one or more of these elements are taught each week to develop the dancer as well as give them a sense of overall enjoyment of the art.

No previous training required, just a desire to dance and have some fun. Added bonus: meet and make new friends and get some physical exercise too!

Introductory Contemporary Dance Classes run in 8 week sessions.

Upon completion, the dancer can choose a level that will take them to the next level in their training.

Dates: Thursdays at 7:30 from September 17th – November 5th 2020

Cost: $160 + Hst

Attire: Girls: Black Leggings and a black tank top, bare feet – no shoes required. Boys: Black shorts and a black t shirt, bare feet

Call 905-435-0707 or email dsbcd@hotmail.com to reserve your spot or feel free to msg us!


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