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For more info or to set up an appointment to discuss your goals in person please feel free to contact us via:

Email: DSBCD@hotmail.com

Phone: (905) 435-0707

Address: 1618 Dundas st E, Whitby, ON L1N 2K8


  1. Ang says:

    Just wondered for the drop ins what is the age range for junior? Does it matter?
    TIA. 🙂

    • Hello! The Jr age range is 9yrs + but is more based on level than age. Does your dancer have previous dance experience?

      • caroline says:

        Hi, which drop-in class (intermediate or advanced) would you recommend for someone who has been dancing competitively for 6 years and 8 years altogether. She is 14 years old. Thanks!

      • Hello! I would suggest the Advanced class. Any adjustments in level can be made later but sounds like this should be a good fit!

  2. Marie says:

    I’m interested in ballet/jazz combo on Saturdays. My daughter is 5 yr old and she’s been dancing for 2 yrs. is that class appropriate for her and what is the cost? Thanks

  3. Daniela says:

    Hello , do you offer adult beginner classes?

  4. Jennette says:

    I’m interested in ballet class for my 4 yr old daughter. She has never experienced dancing.
    What is the cost and how to pay for the classes? Could you email me more detail about classes?

    • Hello! The classes are $45 + hst per month and the times are 5pm on Tuesdays or 10am on Saturdays. No experience necessary for these classes 🙂 You can register online via an E-transfer or in person via cheque, cash or debit. Please email us at DSBCD@hotmail.com for any additional questions or to set up a time to come by the studio!

  5. Kesha says:

    When is the next ballet class is starting for the 4 year old? How much is it?

  6. Aimee says:

    I have a 3 year old girl, and i was wondering if there was any classes still available to register her for?

  7. Daphine says:

    Hi there. I was interested in your ballet classes for a girl aged 6 in 2016. I can’t seem to find the fees for a regular schedule, I’ve only seen pricing for camps. Could you help me out? Thank you

  8. Julia says:

    Hi there!

    Do you have adult classes other than ballet?

  9. Nadia says:


    I was interested in the adult ballet classes (beginner) and wanted to inquire how much a month it would be? And when are the classes starting over again?

    Thank you

  10. Amanda Shivmangal says:


    How are you? Had my daughter Natalie Miller in the pre ballet class a fea years ago. I am planning on registering my three children for the 2016/2017 dance classes. Areyku still offering the same schedule as 2016 for saturdays? And shen can we come in to register the children?

  11. Tammy Long says:

    My daughter Olivia was in your Saturday 10am class this year and I’m hoping to get her in your 4-5 year old category this Sept for ballet or jazz/acro. How do I register? Last year we started in January so there was no registration we just paid for the month and she started. Also how do I get a copy of the DVD from this year’s recital?

  12. Laura says:

    Hey my name is Laura I was looking to see about classes that start in September for my daughter (age 4)she is really into something like this and LOVES to dance

    I was wondering if some one could let me know prices and the classes and the time it starts she is in school furnish day and out at 3;15

  13. Elvie says:

    Hi! Would it be possible to bring my 4 year old daughter and try out a lesson?

  14. Stephanie Ross says:


    I was hoping to sign my daughter up for the Early Bird class on Tuesdays this upcoming season, she will be 2 in October. I’m hoping that she could still join the class, she just loves to dance. If you could let me know if there is a spot available for her that would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
    Stephanie Ross

  15. Jocelyn says:

    Looking to get my daughter into contemporary dance. She has never done it, she is 10 and looks like she has great potential 🙂

  16. Kevin pimentel says:

    Hi I am interested in getting my my daughter into ballet and dance she is 2 years old I just have some questions about cost, on you page it says it $45/ month and if you pay for the year there is a discount, how long is your calendar year for and how much would it be if I pay in full now ? Also what other costs I’m I looking at ? eg. Dress shoes outings ect. Thank you look forward to hearing from you soon .

  17. Therese says:

    Hi I would like to enroll my daughter in pre-primary or primary ballet class. She is showing interest for a long time and she kept on telling us she will do ballet when she grows up. I would like to know if the Saturday class is still available and at what time? She’s 4 1/2 now. Please email me back for more details and the dress code. Thank you

  18. Fabia says:

    Hi there,

    Wondering when your fall schedule and pricing will be out. It’s for my 4 year old.

    Thanks in advance.


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