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“The training our daughter has received since she started has been second to none! We have watched her grow not only as a performer, but also as a person. Being a member of the DSBCD Comp Team has given her self confidence and also taught her to be a good teammate. Probably her biggest takeaway from the studio is the great friends she has gained, she will be friends with these girls probably for the rest of her life and they are a great group of kids. Our daughter absolutely loves her dance classes. The teachers push the girls to get better every single day, not just in dance but in life, whether through charitable events or social experiments. It is truly an amazing place. Keep up the great work!”

Kevin and Pamela Broome

“The vision and inspirational pieces year after year are breathtaking… With high regard the teaching instruction is exceptional! The passion and the emotion that is exemplified during each choreographed piece created really does speak for itself. This level of training is so difficult to find in the journey of helping our children grow as dancers and it’s wonderful when you find it. DSBCD provides not only top notch dance instruction but wonderful mentors and excellent teachers who create unique pieces specific to each individual. Thank you for believing and instilling the love of arts in our daughter and for the amazing dance education you provide everyday!”
Angela Modica
“We have been a part of the dsbcd family for the past three years now.  Beautiful thought provoking choreography, an excellent ballet program that holds the traditions of the study of dance close, rounded out with a strong and exciting acro program.  The instructors at Dsbcd have brought my daughter’s dance to the next level and I am looking forward to see what they will create next.”


Sarah Capon

“I dont know how you get so many young people to give so much of themselves. It was not about going through the motions, they told stories and shared themselves with the audience. I am in awe of what you accomplished.”

Angela Park

“Thank you so much for creating such a warm and welcoming environment. Gracie has high functioning autism and dance has been a God send for her and us. She has been able to leave all the focus on inability and just dance and float for one magical hour every week. Her self confidence and calm are soaring! It is truly amazing to have a space where she is able to just be her! We are looking forward to September.”

Jennifer Hicks Blair Morley

“Madeleine Twyman is the creatively mind blowing, inspirational, spiritually grounded visionary behind all of these contemporary master pieces…Now I have never met a woman much less a teacher that was willing to take it back to the beginning, #OURROOTS, to create change and awareness through the power of dance. From her spiritual retreats to native reserves, to her song selections and her countless choreographed dances, to the tribal symbols…. all the way down to the beautiful soul she genuinely is inside. She has taken these girls on a life journey of love, dance and appreciation. It’s not about competition for this studio…it’s about the love for dance and it’s culture..it’s about Family and Unity…..Because of this woman right here, I have seen them pray together….cry together….support one another…💓💓.I have seen them grow…”

Dominique Chevers


I heard about Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance through a family friend 1 ½ years ago and decided to enroll my 6 year old daughter in the summer program. On the first day all the teachers were so warm and welcoming. She came home happy, motivated and ready to dance every day. The kids did arts and crafts, created vision boards and learned dance routines that were performed to the parents. I registered her for the full time program after my daughter expressed wanting to go back. Before my daughter started dance she was shy, quiet, lacked confidence and self-esteem. Friends often spoke for her since she wasn’t a vocal person. After one year of dance the teachers at school and dance noticed a big difference. During parent teacher interview at school the teacher expressed a change she saw in her. She was able to present in front of the class, she spoke and took the lead in group discussions and she is made friends. I strongly believe that dance has helped bring these qualities out of her. The teachers continue to keep me up to date through telephone or ‘face to face’ conversation at my request. Teachers ensure parents and child on the same page. Aside from growing great dancers; they also do work in the community. Durham School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance initiated a food drive which was given to the homeless in Durham. They had a comfort drive where we brought comforters, jackets, essentials to the homeless downtown and handed it to them directly. This was a huge experience for my daughter to see that the studio is much more than dance and cares and helps the community. Finally the studio held their first ever Gala. The proceeds went to kids with mental health. It was an honour to be a part of a great cause and donate to an issue affecting millions of our kids. I look forward to what the years bring to my now 7 year old daughter as she grows strong in attitude and dance. I have no regrets joining this studio and continue to be impressed everyday. I’m proud to be a dance mom!
Monique Manchester, DSBCD parent
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