The Blue Institute

BI_LOGO_PNG_FINAL_2The Blue Institute is a dwelling for the cultivation of artistic depth and culture through the medium of dance. It is an outlet for the expansion and expression of truth, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, beauty and creativity. Blue Institute training is considered  beneficial to the mind, body and spirit of a dancer.  IMGL3340 Mission:  The Blue Institute is to empower and elevate young dancers who demonstrate a high level of potential for a professional career in all industries of dance. Students demonstrating high levels of potential will be provided opportunities to be part of impact-driven projects strategically aligned with high-calibre performance platforms and international competitions. The Blue Institute will provide an experience in dance more reflective of the world in which we live today. Our Pre-Professional Program for young people ages 10-18 consists of high caliber arts education in dance and leadership training to talented Durham Region students. With year-long performance opportunities as well as Internationally recognized competitions, our students will be provided one on one mentorship to guide them as they move into new dimensions of their artistic and technical training. Our goal is to develop well-rounded, versatile and socially conscious young artists who will be able to pursue dance at the highest level in post-secondary opportunities and beyond.  It is our philosophy that the dancers of today must be  well-rounded artists. We want to challenge students ideas of moving allowing them to discover new possibilities. While we believe a stronger foundation in ballet and contemporary provides the students the foundation they need to succeed, we also want them to learn styles and techniques relevant to today. We also will be offering classes in Leadership skills, Resume Building, Career Management, Networking, Public Speaking and Dance History. The Blue Institute will have their own company season each Spring with a week of performances in a professional theatre open to the public. Original full length work will be created on the dancers to present during the season. Dancers will learn first hand the ins and outs of presenting company work from full tech days in the theatre to multiple shows with different casts. Students on the ‘Blue’ track will also be invited to attend the most prestigious competitions for youth both nationally and internationally. In addition, we will also prepare students for University auditions to the leading dance conservatories in Canada and the USA as well as assisting students to find agents for professional/commercial work. 17DA7CAA-7EB9-450A-AFA3-BDA7C79D02ED Blue Institute Director: Madeleine Twyman Madeleine offers dancers the experience of mentorship in nurturing their individual artistic voices. Cultivating her students unique self-expression is at the core of her philosophy. Known for her ‘out of the box’ aesthetic that merges beauty, aesthetics and story telling to constantly push culture forward to create mesmerizing experiences for both dancer and audience alike. As a result Madeleine and her students have received international awards and recognition, including the Youth America Grand Prix Outstanding choreography Award in 2019 as well as top 3 women and top 3 mens soloists in 2018 YAGP. Madeleine is a leader in conscious arts training. With an extensive background in contemporary, ballet, African, music, health and wellness, Madeleine brings something truly unique to Durham’s arts community.  Madeleine training in New York City at Alvin Ailey and danced with The Marha Graham Ensemble, Creative Outlet Dance Theatre of Brooklyn and Forces of Nature Dance Theatre of Harlem as well as producing over 50 original works of her own choreography throughout Manhattan. Madeleine has had the honour of working with such iconic Dance Masters as Pearl Lang, Dudley Williams, Yuriko, Milton Myers, Abdel Salaam, Denise Vale and Patricia Beatty. “I want to cultivate a new generation of dancers here in Durham that reflects the rich diversity, talent and landscape of this region. Not only providing a commitment to students professional development, but also fostering ways to create cultural exchanges that allow dancers to participate on the global stage.” – Madeleine Twyman
Curriculum The Blue Institute will offer a well rounded weekly schedule of classes geared to accelerate students wishing to pursue a competitive or conservatory path. Our students will gain the tools, confidence and training needed to succeed with the following curriculum:
  • Ballet
  • Pointe
  • Partnering
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Progressive Ballet Technique
  • Intensive Stretch & Conditioning
  • Dance History
  • Leadership Training
  • Composition/Choreography
  • Resume Building
  • Networking/Marketing
  • Public Speaking + Writing Skills
  • Performance Therapy
  • Discussion Panels
We are excited to be the first in Durham Region to launch a program of this nature, providing our culturally rich community the opportunity to engage in the arts at the highest level: focused Technical Classical Training with targeted Dance Conditioning and inspired choreography. This platform provides students an outlet for creative communication, an essential component in artistic development in a holistic approach. Email with any questions or to schedule a personal consultation discussing your dancer’s goals and aspirations. Follow us @The_blue_institute on Instagram to see more! BI_LOGO_PNG_FINAL_2